How to make your own Butter?

If you are like me, If I can chose from home made or store bought, I prefer home made, less chemicals, more flavor!

Make your own BUTTER.

Star to make your own Butter
Pour Sour Cream into mixer.
After it's whipped keep mixing
After it’s whipped keep mixing.
It will form into grumps but keep mixing!
When The buttermilk separates from the Butter stop mixing.
Strain the Buttermilk
Strain The Buttermilk




Wash the Butter
Wash the Butter 2 times with ice cold water or until water stay clear.


Butter is ready to form
Butter is ready to form


Soak the Butter form in warm water
Soak the Butter mold in warm water for 5 min. You can use any thing you’ve as a mold.


Form the Butter
Press the Butter firmly into the mold
Place Butter into sheet
Place into sheet, if you don’t have this kind a mold you can leave it in any container.



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