Peanuts Cookies

My Aunt’s Peanuts Cookies

My Aunts Peanuts Cookies


I almost grew up at my Aunts house. And with my cousin I had the best childhood.

I look back a lot to those good times we had, without worries and obligations. And

of course at the best food. And these cookies bring back a lot of memories.


Peanuts Cookies
You can see how good these cookies will turn out. Add as much Peanuts as you like. (I like them with lots of peanuts)


Peanuts Cookies
Make 1 inch balls and press them about 1/4 inch. Bake them at 350F for 12 minutes.


Peanuts Cookies
Melt Chocolate and sprinkle them  with chocolate.


Peanuts Cookies

 These Cookies will leave your mouth watering.



3 1/2 C. Flour

1 1/2 C. Brown Sugar

1/2 C. Butter

1/2 C. Lard

1 t. Backing Soda

1 t. Vanilla

1/4 t. Salt

Chopped Peanuts as much as you like (I do 1 Cup)



Mix all the dry ingredients, ad the wet ones and mix well.

Form into 1 Inch balls and press them with a  lid or whatever

you have at hand. Until they are about 1/4 inch thick.

Bake them at 350F for 12 min.

Let the cool.

Melt Chocolate pour into a plastic bag, cut a little of one corner and

sprinkle them with it.

Yields: About 50 cookies.

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